Oral presentations

Parallel session 6A

6A - Intraseasonal variability and predictability
Pr.6A.1 Real-time monitoring and forecast of synoptic-to-intraseasonal variability of the 2011 West African Monsoon R. Roehrig
Pr.6A.2 Monsoon teleconnections with the extratropics in boreal summer N. Hall
Pr.6A.3 A quasi-biweekly oscillation in the eastern equatorial Atlantic G. De
Pr.6A.4 Eastward propagating intraseasonal variability within the African monsoon and its relationship with variations in AEW activity S. Leroux
Pr.6A.5 A convectively coupled equatorial Kelvin waves impact on African easterly wave activity M. Ventrice
Pr.6A.6 West African monsoon intraseasonal variability: a precipitable water perspective E. Poan


Intra-seasonal variability of the Congo basin climate system during 1979-2009 S. Zebaze
 Pr.6A.8  Potential predictability and influence of the Atlantic Ocean on seasonal occurrence of extreme dry spells over the West African Sahel S. Salack 
Pr.6A.9 Predictability of 2011 rainfall intra-seasonal variability over Senegal from TIGGE data O. Ndiaye
Pr.6A.10 Impacts of seasonal and 10-days forecasts on West African agriculture: evaluation of cropping practices and yield changes in Senegal using participatory workshops P. Roudier

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