Poster presentations

2A - Vulnerability and adaptation 
Po.2A.14  Climatic change in Senegal: Strategies of adaptations related to the rural migration towards Dakar  G. Yanon
2B - Monsoon system: Climate
Po.2B.11  Climatology investigation of surface duct conditions over Douala, Cameroon  A. Lenouo 
2C - Monsoon system: Clouds-convection
Po.2C.20 Identification of unusual weather states causing heavy areal precipitation in West Africa  J. Bliefernicht
Po.2C.21  Synoptic climatology over Senegal during the summer at two time scales  A.K. Gueye 
4A - Vulnerability and adaptation 
Po.4A.6 Analysis of intra-seasonal rainfall variability in the Ferlo (Senegal), in relation with surface characteristics (vegetation)  S. Cisse 
4C - Seasonal prediction
Po.4C.7  Integrating dynamical products into national and regional climate forecasts  M. Kilavi 
4D - Monsoon system: Clouds-convection
Po.4D.2 An evaluation of the unified model runs of orographic rainfall over sub-Saharan North Africa with observational data D. Finch 
6A - Intraseasonal variability and predictability    
Po.6A.2  Seasonal and intra-seasonal variability of the West African monsoon  S. Janicot 
Po.6A.3  Intraseasonal variability of convection in Central Africa: analysis of a near 15-day variability mode  P.H. Kamsu Tamo     
6B - CMIP5: Decadal variability & Climate change
Po.6B.6 Decadal variability of the West African monsoon in CMIP5 control run models A.K. Gueye
Po.6B.7 Multidecadal variability of the North Atlantic in CMIP5
models and relationship with Sahelian rainfall
J. Villamayor
8A - Water resources and management ; Floods and extreme events
Po.8A.2 Climatic variability and its impact on the hydrological regime in the central delta of Niger S.S. Traore
8B - Monsoon system: Dust
Po.8B.4 Identification of weather types in M'Bour (Senegal) and implication on the relationship between PM10 concentrations and Aerosol Optical Depths F. Kaly
8D - CMIP5 III: regional climate modeling
Po.8D.2 Evaluation of the UK Met Office’s HadGEM3-based regional climate model over the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) G. Sabiiti
9A - Climate and health
Po.9A.4 Impact of climate change on tick-borne borreliosis distribution in West Africa G. Diatta
Po.9A.5 Climate impact on population health, determination of seasonal incidence of malaria by using a biological model (Liverpool malaria model) I. Diouf
9B - Monsoon system: Land surface models
Po.9B.5 Conceptual model of Ivorian sedimentary coastal basin: Case of Abidjan Continental Terminal Aquifer F.A. Kouassi
Po.9B.8 Hydrodynamic modeling of a cultivated hill slope under Sudanian climate (North Benin) A. Richard
9C - Monsoon system: Ocean
Po.9C.5 The AWA project: Ecosystem Approach to the management of fisheries and the marine environment in West African waters P. Bremer
Po.9C.6 Atlantic cold tongue and West African monsoon investigation
by Non-Linear Principal Component Analysis
S. Kenfack Sadem