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Welcome to the AMMA 2012 Conference

The 4th AMMA International Conference  aims to bring together researchers from the AMMA community, research groups sharing common objectives with AMMA, operational services, donors and regional economic organizations.

The objectives of the conference are:

  • (i) to promote the work done in exploiting AMMA field data and models in terms of processes, predictability and climate change issues, and society-environment-climate interactions;
  • (ii) to introduce and enhance links with projects sharing common objectives with AMMA;
  • (iii) to present and discuss tools and product development for use by operational services; and
  • (iv) to elaborate on the observational network integration responding to the societial needs and operational concerns of African institutions.

The conference themes are:

(I) Society, Environment and Climate Interactions
(II) Predictability and Prediction of the West African Monsoon and its Impacts
(III) The West African Monsoon System

Transverse themes

In addition to having presentations that contribute to these three themes the conference will include time to discuss:

  • Multidisciplinary aspects of the WAM like intraseasonal and monsoon onset predictability, decadal predictability, highimpact weather events
  • Development and enhancement of tailored tools and products to support development activities
  • Future AMMA research initiatives including enhanced links with on-going projects (e.g. CMIP5, CORDEX Africa,…) and future field campaigns sharing common objectives with AMMA
  • Integrated observation network and links with other regional efforts

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