About Toulouse, la "Ville Rose"

A southern city with Spanish accents and Italian facades, Toulouse has always been open to outside influences and cultures. Though it carefully cultivates its Occitan identity, its reputation for cultural treasures, art of living and technological prowess goes far beyond the seas and oceans. Toulouse is a happy combination of a city that is pleasant to live in and a metropolitan area that looks to the future.

From the Garonne to the Canal du Midi, and from Saint Sernin to the Cité de l'espace, the many different faces of Toulouse invite visitors to come on a journey of discovery. So accept the invitation offered and come to Toulouse as a pilgrim to its numerous churches, a student of the history of art (or simply an art enthusiast) to its museums and galleries, a navigator on the Garonne, and an expert on heavenly bodies to the Cité de l'espace.

From art of the antiquity to modern art, from Romanesque art treasures to impressionist masterpieces, from Ancient Egypt to the stars, Toulouse is home to some vital collections. The museums themselves are housed in buildings that are heritage jewels, or in astonishing converted industrial buildings. As you go from one museum to the next, you’ll discover the charms of the Ville Rose yourself.

For more information about Accommodation, Sights and Visits, Access and Maps, please visit the Toulouse Tourist Office website.

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