Oral presentations

Parallel session 2B

2B - Monsoon system: Climate
Pr.2B.1 Impact of the air-sea coupling in the Gulf of Guinea on the Guinean coastal water cycle in boreal spring R. Meynadier
 Pr.2B.2 Identification of processes driving low level westerlies in West Equatorial Africa  W. Pokam
 Pr.2B.3 Aeolian dynamics variability in central Sahel between 1950 and 2000: Are meteorological data about wind representative of the climate change and its environmental impact? Example of the synoptic stations Maïné-Soroa and Nguigmi (Niger, Lake Chad basin) B. Hassane
Pr.2B.4 Trends in extreme daily rainfall in West Africa during the last century G. Panthou
Pr.2B.5 Recent climate variability in West Africa studied with long series of METEOSAT data L. Picon
Pr.2B.6 Zonal contrast in low-frequency Sahel rainfall variability and Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures teleconnections during the last century B. Dieppois
Pr.2B.7 Non stationary impacts of the tropical oceans on the West African Monsoon T. Losada
Pr.2B.8 Influence of different SST forcing on the climate variability over West Africa: Modeling approach- the case of the region of Lamto F. Yoroba
Pr.2B.9 Climate change, interannual and interseasonal variations of temperature, humidity and rainfall dynamics in Southeast Nigeria F. E. Asuquo
Pr.2B.10 The West African monsoon duration and intensity from AD 450-950 inferred from high resolution isotope sclerochronology of fossil mollusk shells in the Salum estuary (Senegal) M. Azzoug

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