Oral presentations

Parallel sessions 2A

2A - Vulnerability and adaptation I: A muti-sector perspective
Pr.2A.1 Facing climatic risks in the Sahel: Socio-institutional vulnerabilities and adaptation strategies A.H. Dia
Pr.2A.2 Literature review of land use systems in the Sahel B. Some
Pr.2A.3 Climatic shocks, food prices vulnerability and food security in developing countries S. Kinda
Pr.2A.4 Climate change impacts on crop yields in West Africa B. Sultan
Pr.2A.5 Local perceptions of climate change and adaptation strategy in Oti's plain K. Batawila
2A - Vulnerability and adaptation II: Agriculture
Pr.2A.6 Assessing the vulnerability of agriculture to climate change in Burkina Faso L. Some
Pr.2A.7 Parklands economically profitable for an adaptation to the climate change in Benin P. C. Gnangle
Pr.2A.8 Climatic and agrarian changes in the farming communities in the eastern Ivory Coast D. Noufe
Pr.2A.9 To what extend can satellite rainfall estimates be used for crop yield prediction ? J. Ramarohetra
Pr.2A.10 Potential of weather index-based insurance for a cash crop regulated sector: An ex ante evaluation for cotton in Cameroon A. Leblois

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