Oral presentations

Plenary session 5 - African monsoon predictability

PL.5.1 Applications of climate models for improved decision support services W. Thiaw 
PL.5.2 Data impact studies using observations from AMSU-A & -B over land during the summer 2006 F. Karbou, presented by J.P. Lafore
PL.5.3 Evaluation of the forecast skill of the high resolution AROME model over West Africa  F. Beucher
PL.5.4 Characteristics of rainfall onset over northern and southern parts of Senegal  O. Ndiaye 
PL.5.5 Impact of the Indian part of the summer MJO on West Africa using nudged climate simulations  E. Mohino 
PL.5.6 Seasonal-to-decadal prediction of the West African monsoon J. Garcia-

PL.5.7 Climate change scenarios over West Africa: from CMIP3 to CMIP5  C. Caminade 
PL.5.8 Seasonal climate prediction for agro-ecological zones of Nigeria as an early warning tool for enhanced agricultural productivity and food security  E. Afiesimama 
PL.5.9 The improvement in seasonal forecasting systems for malaria prediction in Africa in the 10 years of AMMA  A. Morse 
PL.5.10 Cordex-Africa: Transforming downscaled climate data into useful information  C. Lennard

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