Oral presentations

Parallel sessions 9B

9B - Monsoon system: Land surface models
Pr.9B.1 How can point rainfall data be best used to drive land surface models in the Sahel?  B. Cappelaere
Pr.9B.2 Water balance and herbaceous growth by the STEP model over the Gourma region in Mali (ALMIP2 project) M. Grippa
Pr.9B.3 Local-scale modeling of land surface processes in the cultivated Sahel (AMMA-CATCH Niger) C. Velluet 
Pr.9B.4 Propagation of satellite rainfall products uncertainty or biases in a hydrological application: test in the Oueme basin in Benin and perspectives for hydrological validation of rainfall products  M. Gosset
Pr.9B.5 Evaluation of the water cycle as simulated by land surface models. Case study on the upper Oueme basin (Benin) C. Peugeot 
Pr.9B.6 A new scheme for the lateral water redistribution of land surface models: case of the Oueme River basin  A. Getirana 

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