Oral presentations

Parallel sessions 6B

6B - CMIP5-I: Decadal variability
Pr.6B.1 Decadal-to-multidecadal variation in Sahel Rainfall since 1950 and associated changes in the frequency of thresholdcrossing seasonal rainfall totals N. Ward
Pr.6B.2 Multi-decadal variability of West African rainfall in observations CMIP5 simulations E. Martin
Pr.6B.3 Decadal predictability of West African monsoon rainfall and Atlantic tropical cyclones applying regional climate models A. Paxian
Pr.6B.4 African easterly wave variability in CMIP5 past, present and future climate simulations R. Cornforth
Pr.6B.5 Atlantic Cold Tongue in CMIP5 models: mean characteristics and interannual variability A. Voldoire
6B - CMIP5-II: Climate change
Pr.6B.6 Projecting changes in West African precipitation associated with global warming R. James
Pr.6B.7 Simulation and future changes of the African monsoon through a pool of CMIP5 models P.A. Monerie
Pr.6B.8 Analysis of the representation of the West African Climate in a set of CMCC climate model simulations C. Wenhaji
Pr.6B.9 Changes in rainfall regime over Burkina Faso due to climate change B. Ibrahim
Pr.6B.10 21st Century Climate Prediction for West Africa and the Sahel J. Cretat

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