Oral presentations

Parallel sessions 4B

4B - Monsoon system: Water cycle
Pr.4B.1 Rising ponds in un-cultivated Sahel: Mechanisms and spatial extension from Mauretania to Chad L. Kergoat
Pr.4B.2 Investigation of ALMIP zone total water storage variations using GRACE G. Favreau
Pr.4B.3 Mass redistributions in West Africa induced by the monsoon system: comparison of GPS, GRACE and geophysical models S. Nahmani
Pr.4B.4 Impacts of ground water circulation on surface energy balance in Sudanese bedrock areas J.M. Cohard
Pr.4B.5 Evaluation of the ISBA-TRIP continental hydrologic system over the Niger basin using in-situ and satellite derived data. V. Penidotti
4B - Monsoon system: Remote sensing hydrology
Pr.4B.6 Quantitative Precipitation Estimation (QPE) based on weather radar Radar in West Africa: results from the Xport polarimetric radar during the AMMA (2005-2006) and Megha-Tropiques (2010) campaign M. Kacou
Pr.4B.7 Surface soil moisture over Sahel derived from ENVISAT radar altimetry backscattering coefficients C. Fatras
Pr.4B.8 SMOS soil moisture products in West Africa, evaluation and applications S. Louvet
Pr.4B.9 A map of perennial and ephemeral surface water bodies over the western African region for hydrological modeling A. Kaptue
Pr.4B.10 Estimation and mapping of land surface temperature from AATSR images and GIS: A case study in Kolondieba-Tiendaga basin in Sudano-Sahelian climate, Mali D. Ibrahima

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