Oral presentations

Parallel sessions 4A

4A - Vulnerability and adaptation III: Soil and forest
Pr.4A.1  Wind erosion annual cycle in the cultivated Sahel  J.L. Rajot
Pr.4A.2 Sahelian dust: For a better estimation of emissions taking into account vegetation heterogeneity C. Pierre
Pr.4A.3 Vulnerability and adaptation to climate variability and change by rural households in the Sudan-Sahel region of Nigeria D. Dabi
Pr.4A.4 Effects of climate variability on savannah fire regimes in West Africa   N. E. Toure
Pr.4A.5 Land use conflit: a threat for the sustainable conservation of Koutal Community Forest  B. Faye
4A - Vulnerability and adaptation IV: Pastoralism
Pr.4A.6 Contribution of livestock grazing to the herb decay during dry season in Sahel P. Hiernaux

Pr.4A.7 Livestock feed balance: a tool to diagnose pastoral breeding systems in Sahel M.O. Diawara

Pr.4A.8 Considerations on the scope of farmers strategies for adapting to the reduction of pastoral resources and their use conflicts in the municipality of Djougou A. Bonnassieux 
Pr.4A.9 Wind break effect on ecological restoration and capacity of pastoral care of Namaro sand dune A. D. Tidjani 
Pr.4A.10 Sahels North, Sahels South: Building human indicators of a relative desertification  M. Saqalli 

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