Oral presentations

Parallel sessions 9C

9C - Monsoon system: Ocean
Pr.9C.1 Seasonal and intra-seasonal variability of the sea surface cooling in the Gulf of Guinea Y. Du Penhoat
Pr.9C.2 Mixed Layer Heat Budget in the Equatorial Atlantic during the Cold Tongue Development in 2006 H. Giordani 
Pr.9C.3 Detailing the equatorial Kelvin waves contribution to the equatorial upwelling SST variability at intraseasonal timescale in the Atlantic M. Wade 
Pr.9C.4 Oceanic mixed layer heat budget in the Eastern Equatorial Atlantic from ARGO floats  G. Caniaux
Pr.9C.5 Dynamic contributions to the sea surface salinity variations along the equator and the coast of the Gulf of Guinea H. Berger 
Pr.9C.6 PROPAO (Regional Program of Physical Oceanography in West Africa) Z. Sohou

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