Oral presentations

Parallel sessions 9A

9A - Climate and health
Pr.9A.1  Predictability and control of Meningococcal Meningitis in African Sahelo-Soudanian countries by using climate  D. Yaka
Pr.9A.2 Space technology for public health applications: Teleepidemiology - which contribution for Earth Observation satellite data?  C. Vignolles
Pr.9A.3 Using climate to forecast disease risk: case study of the 2010 Rift Valley Fever outbreak over Mauritania J. A. Ndione
Pr.9A.4 Monitoring the hydrological dynamic of the ponds to control the environmental-depending diseases: the case of the Rift Valley Fever (RVF) in Barkedji  M. Bop
Pr.9A.5 A combined statistical-dynamical approach to modeling spatio-temporal variations of malaria risk R. Lowe 
Pr.9A.6 Observation and modeling of malaria Ferlo (Senegal): preliminary results  I. Diouf

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