Oral presentations

Parallel sessions 8C

8C - Intraseasonal variability and predictability III
Pr.8C.1 A two-dimensional idealized modeling of the West African Monsoon annual cycle P. Peyrille 
Pr.8C.2 Air-sea interaction in the Gulf of Guinea at intraseasonal timescales: wind bursts and coastal precipitation in boreal spring M. Leduc-
Pr.8C.3 The role of synoptic scale dry-air intrusions on the West African monsoon onset using regional modeling and nudged climate simulations. Application to the monsoon onset of 2006 S. Bastin
Pr.8C.4 Seasonal forecasts for onset of the West African monsoon M. Vellinga 
Pr.8C.5 Are there rainfall-based predictive indicators for the onset of the rainy season in the Sahel? T. Lodoun

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