Oral presentations

Parallel sessions 8A

8A - Water resources quantification and management
Pr.8A.1 Ordinary vulnerabilities and responses, future adaptability to water crises in the Malien Sahel (Gourma) S. Becerra
Pr.8A.2 Impact of climate variation, land use and land cover on livelihood system on tropical wetland: a case on Kadial, Delta Central du Niger C. H. Diakite

Modeling of flow dynamics on catchment area Rufisque consideration of climate change application to structural design of hydraulic evacuation of rainwater

M. Faye
Pr.8A.4 Hydroclimatic constraints for groundwater availability in the Volta River basin in Benin S. H. Totin
Pr.8A.5 Coastal morphology and livelihoods along Lekki coastline, Lagos, Nigeria S. Odunuga
8B - Floods and extreme events
Pr.8A.6 Rainfall variability and environmental problems in Senegal: Example of the recurring floods at Pikine A. Ndiaye
Pr.8A.7 Flooding and groundwater quality in a peripheral urban zone: the case of the district of Ago-Zongo in Lom, Togo K. Gnandi
Pr.8A.8 Exploring the frequency of hydroclimate extremes on the Niger River using Monte Carlo methods A. Sierbert
Pr.8A.9 Model of public-private partnership for flood disaster risk management in urban poor and vulnerable neighborhoods in Burkina Faso P. Kinda
Pr.8A.10 AMMA and MET-OCEAN operational forecasting: a tool for sustainable management of the coastal area in West Africa R. Folorunsho 

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