Oral presentations

Parallel session 6D

6D - Monsoon system: Land surface processes
Pr.6D.1 Surface-vegetation-atmosphere interaction on the upper Ouémé basin. Synthesis of the experimental results  F. Timouk
Pr.6D.2 At last, two consecutive wet years (2010 and 2011) in the AMMA-CATCH northernmost site in Sahel! Consequences on surface conditions and fluxes  E. Mougin 

Upscaling runoff from plots to catchment scale: a case study in north sahelian Burkina Faso

L. Mounirou 
Pr.6D.4 Deconvolution of the flood hydrograph in semi arid area A. Dao 
Pr.6D.5 Plant response to climate: lessons from four years of CO2 fluxes in pastoral Sahel  L. Kergoat 

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