Oral presentations

Parallel session 6C

6C - Dust-aerosols and health
Pr.6C.1 Advances in research on the relationships between climate, dust and Meningoccocal Meningitis epidemics in West Africa in the AMMA frame  N. Martiny
Pr.6C.2 Estimation of aerosol particle deposition in the respiratory tract of populations subject to traffic pollution in Bamako (Mali) and Dakar (Senegal), West Africa  E. H. Doumbia 
Pr.6C.3 Harmattan dust events over the Western Sahel: synoptic analysis A. Favre 
Pr.6C.4 Development and evaluation of a regional African anthropogenic emission inventory for gases and particles for 2005 and 2030 E. M. Assamoi 
Pr.6C.5 Peaks of Acute Respiratory Infection among children in rural Benin: what about the role of the climate?  F. De

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