Oral presentations

Plenary session 7 - African monsoon system


PL.7.1 Role of equatorial ocean dynamics for sea surface temperature variability in the eastern equatorial Atlantic and its relation to the West African monsoon P. Brandt
PL.7.2 Synthesis of four years of research development in oceanography and marine climate in Dakar University: scientific results and some major issues for the Atlantic Northern Eastern Tropical Upwellings System region A. Lazar
PL.7.3 Evaluation of CMIP5 models over West Africa†: focus on cloud representation and radiative feedbacks D. Bouniol
PL.7.4 Warming patterns over West Africa and repercussion on the annual cycle of temperature F. Guichard
PL.7.5 How parameterised deep convection generates model biases for the West African Monsoon system: A seamless assessment J. Marsham
PL.7.6 Satellite based rainfall estimation: Review of recent evaluation work in West-Africa and perspective in the Megha- Tropiques/GPM framework M. Gosset

PL.7.7 Monitoring vegetation with satellite and field observations: Is there desertification or re-greening in Sahel? C. Dardel
PL.7.8 The GHYRAF (Gravity and Hydrology in Africa) project using ground and space geodesy to constrain water storage changes: latest results in West Africa L. Seguis
PL.7.9 Vegetation dynamics, WAM variability, and external forcing in West Africa at seasonal-decadal scales - a study using the a biophysical/dynamic vegetation model Y. Xue
PL.7.10 The AMMA Land surface and hydrology Model Intercomparison Project (ALMIP) Phase 2 Overview: From local to mesoscales A. Boone

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